Postgres Schemas

Masonite ORM supports setting the schema on different classes to change which Postgres schema is called on different actions such as queries and migrations.

Setting schemas currently only works for the Postgres driver


On model calls you can set the schema which will pass to the query builder:



The migration command will take a --schema option to change the schema to run the migrations for. This option is available on all the migration commands.

If using Masonite you will use the python craft command instead of the masonite-orm command.

$ masonite-orm migrate --schema schema2

Connection Settings

On the postgres connection settings you can set the schema on the schema key:

"postgres": {
    "driver": "postgres",
    "host": "...",
    "user": "..",
    "password": "...",
    "schema": "schema2"

This will set the default schema for the postgres connection

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